The Hawaiian Potion


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A potent blend of Maui-sourced Lavender oil and Australian Tea Tree Oil is the bacteria-fighting foundation of this powerful, creamy body wash and the aroma the combination produces is invigorating. Kaua’i-sourced Noni Juice was added to the formula due to it’s richness in fatty-acids, Anthraquinones (anti-bacterial), and Scopoletin – a strong anti-fungal. We have also infused this batch with Kuku’i nut oil, an ancient Hawaiian remedy for dry skin and wound healing. Lastly, every bottle is rounded off with a healthy handful of 100% Kona Coffee Grounds which helps to scrub away free-radicals and exfoliate away dead skin acquired during heavy training.

Active Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Kuku’i Nut Oil, Noni Juice, Bergamot Oil.